Curly Female Sexed Straws


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High Park
39 inches at the hip
Chondro Positive

One of the most interesting animals we have had the pleasure of handling. Standing at 39 inches, Curly is as kid friendly as they come. He is truly exceptional in his structure, with an ideal set to his hock and pin set. He is straight in his topline, super extended up front and moves with ultimate flexibility and confidence.

Curly can be a game changer in anyone’s program and has proved himself as an excellent calving ease option. Calf reports have confirmed birth weights averaging 24 lbs, great  vigor, super hairy with that sought after thick fiber hair coat and extremely docile. Heifer’s being used as replacements have been reported to exhibit a high mothering ability, ideal udder conformation and super correct on their feet and legs showing signs of maximum longevity for anyone’s herd.

Curly produces flush quality semen
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