The International Miniature Cattle Breeders Registry or IMCBR has a rich and storied history in the cattle industry. Founder Professor Emeritus Richard Gradwohl (1936-2011) was passionate about the miniature cattle industry and worked for many decades to develop over 18 trademarked breeds worldwide. His hard work and dedication has resulted in farms worldwide that carry genetics from his cattle lines. Professor Gradwohl and his wife, Arlene, did more than raise children who share their love of miniature cattle, they raised an entire generation that has fallen in love with mini cows.

IMCBR was founded by the Gradwohl family in 1989. They worked diligently to maintain the registry, tracking thousands and thousands of cows across nearly 30 different breeds. The cattle in the registry can be found across the globe.

In 2022 the ownership of IMCBR was transferred and a ground up re-branding was born. The future of this mini cattle association includes a state-of-the-art digital database. Some new features will be online submission of registrations, photo and DNA uploads, online search functions, and the ability to link registration information to your website or social media posts. Full functionality is expected in 2023.

In addition to a comprehensive registry, IMCBR will also be offering an online marketplace for the producers of the miniature cattle. The integrity of any registry is only as strong as the users. It is obvious that we are unable to personally verify the information provided about each animal. However, we are able to give you a chance to leave an honest review about your experience when you purchase an animal. These reviews will help future buyers decide where and with whom they want to invest for the future of their herd. This feature will be available in the coming months as the website is being developed.


To provide a central hub of valuable resources for the livestock industry.


Manage a user friendly interactive network to promote responsible breeding practices, transparent exchanges, and helpful information to the miniature cattle industry.