Introducing the International Miniature Cattle Breeder’s Society and Registry

IMCBR is the world’s oldest and largest registry of miniature cattle. IMCBR’s founder, Professor Emeritus Richard Gradwohl (1936-2011), created over 18 trademarked miniature cattle breeds. IMCBR now recognizes over 26 unique breeds worldwide.

In July 2022, IMCBR began converting our registry to a new electronic format. This work will allow us to serve you and the rest of the miniature cattle community for many years to come.

Miniature Cattle Photo
Mini Cattle Photo

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Idlewild of Central Florida

Idlewild is a family-owned farm in the heart of Florida.

A few Florida cracker cows were our first introduction to cattle. A small herd of miniature Herefords joined them shortly after. Since then, we’ve slowly grown our herd into a “large” mini cattle herd that includes mini Herefords, mini Pandas, Belted Galloways, and Black Baldies.

We take tremendous pride in our livestock and relationship with our clients. We’re always happy to share our experience to help others who want to start their own herd of minis.

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