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Option A: IMCBR is an Affiliate Registry with UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory. If you have an account with VGL at UC Davis, you can continue to submit your testing just as you have in the past. At the top of the Cattle Test Form, select “International Miniature Cattle Breeders Registry” as the Primary Registry.

Option B: You can also request DNA testing directly through the IMCBR website. Using the online form provided, select the tests you would like to have completed for your animal. IMCBR will submit the application for you and, once it is accepted by UC Davis, will email you a PDF form. You have the option to print this form, affix the hairs to the form, and mail it to the UC Davis lab.

An additional available service is to have the paper form mailed to you, along with a postage paid envelope. In this case, you will need to take the paper form, tape the animal’s hairs to the form, and drop the envelope into a mail box.

In all options, a copy of the testing results will be made available to IMCBR and to you at the completion of the testing. Those results will be added to the online profile of you registered animal and qualify them for a DNA Certified status.

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