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Mini Cattle Photo

Moving from Temporary to Permanent Registration is Simple.

To upgrade to “Permanent” status, the animal must (a) be at least 3 years old, (b) have been registered with IMCBR for 2.5 years or longer, and (c) have a photo showing current topline height. This photo will be available on the free public access portion of the registry website.

The photo must be taken on a flat surface and taken with the use of a sliding T square or similar device. Use of a head gate or squeeze chute is encouraged but not required. The sliding T square is sometimes referred to as a drywall square and is available on Amazon, Harbor Freight, Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc. The cost is typically around $20 – $30. The photo must show the bottom of the square resting on the floor or ground surface while the sliding arm is resting on the topline (top of the back) of the animal at the hook.

IMCBR reserves the right to require new or additional photos for height verification if the submitted photos do not clearly show the animals height. No refunds will be given for applications using photos that do not qualify.

Animals with an existing “Permanent” status will be grandfathered into the “Permanent” status. Animals with an existing “Temporary” status that wish to upgrade, will be required to follow the new guidelines (Effective 04/2024). For a buyer, the only way to verify that these animals have followed the new guidelines will be to verify that they have a height verification photo on file. IMCBR will update existing “Permanent” animals at no charge to the owner.

Within 7 days, the IMCBR Team will process this upgrade and email you an updated Certificate of Registration (PDF).

Upgrade to Permanent Registration ($10-$16)

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