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IMCBR Market is an online portal connecting buyers and sellers of miniature cattle. IMCBR Market offers different listing options, giving you the ability to buy or sell in whatever format you find most comfortable.

Mini Cows for Sale

We really just want you to find the perfect cow at the perfect price. Communicate with your sellers to make sure all your questions are answered before committing to a purchase. The sellers contact information is clearly posted on each listing. Winning an auction or committing to purchase is a binding contract. Failure to follow through will result in getting banned from the IMCBR Market and may result in monetary fines. As always, we are here and ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

To get started, browse any listing or auction. You can click on photos and descriptions to take deeper looks, when available. You’ll be able to Register at any point by clicking on the Register link by each item. This will take you through a few simple steps to gather information about who you are. In this process, you may be required to enter a credit card. The card serves two purposes. First it ensures that you are a real person and not a scammer. We want to protect you against other scammers falsely bidding to push up the price. Secondly, it gives the seller confidence that you aren’t going to leave them hanging at the end of the auction. The payment will typically be made directly to the seller, not to IMCBR. An authorization may be placed on the card to validate. You’ll see those funds back in your account with-in 48 hours, often much quicker.

IMCBR uses a soft close feature popular in most online auctions. In a live auction, the auctioneer calls for bids until all parties have had adequate time to decide and place their bids. In an on-line or timed auction, this element was missing. Some savvy online buyers would wait until the last seconds and snipe the bid, not allowing the other buyers an opportunity to place a counter bid. To combat this, many auction companies use a “soft close”, or a “dynamic ending” style auction. With the soft close, each on-line item has a scheduled ending time. But, like in a live auction, if someone bids in the last few moments before an auction closes, the system extends the bidding to give others a chance to have their bid registered.  Some items will extend multiple times, just like in a live auction where the bidders are “duking it out”.   This gives you the chance to bid as much as you want without being “sniped” outbid because the clock ran out. The time of extension and time between items may vary from auction to auction but will always remain consistent within each individual auction.

You may also see a group closing feature being utilized. A group closing is indicated by a letter in the top right corner of the main photo of the animal. Cows that are similar may be placed in a group to allow you to make last minute decisions about which cow(s) you want to buy. For example, all females of a breed may be placed in a single group.

The function of a group close is to auto-extend all animals in that group, if one gets extended. To understand the soft close or auto-extend, see the previous section. This feature will give you the option to bid on all like animals until bids are no longer being placed.

Our ultimate goal is to make this experience one that is fair and transparent for buyers and sellers.

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