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IMCBR Market is an online portal connecting buyers and sellers of miniature cattle and genetics. IMCBR Market offers different listing options, giving you the ability to buy or sell in whatever format you find most comfortable.

For Sellers

The rules are simple. Be honest and fair in your dealings. Practicing the Golden Rule will keep buyers coming back to you. Communicate with your buyers to ensure their experience is such that promotes confidence in the miniature cattle industry. Failure to deal honestly will result in being banned from future listings on IMCBR Market. A rising tide raises all ships.

IMCBR Marketplace allows you complete control of your listings. Once you’ve created a seller profile, you’ll be able to post your cattle and genetics (semen & embryos) in a variety of formats. Auctions with or without “Buy Now”, fixed price listings where you set inventory levels, and a host of other options. You’ll be able to do a single listing or select a subscription model that gives you unlimited postings. “No commission” means more money for your pocket.

Having a breeder profile on IMCBR gives the buying public an opportunity to learn to know you and your farm, without having them over for hotdogs and fireworks. Check out the Posting Tips for a deeper dive into listing techniques.

Posting Tips for Sellers

Anything you can do to give your buyers confidence in your product will increase the sales price. This starts with good photos. Your photos tell a story for the buyers. Imagine being required to explain everything about your animal, communicating only with photos.

  • How do you treat your cattle?
  • What are their living conditions?
  • Are they healthy?

These are just a few questions that can be quickly answered with photos. We’ve seen photos showing a matted coat, standing knee deep in mud, and covered in manure. This doesn’t give anyone confidence in a purchase. We understand that cows always find the mud and will stand directly in the line of “fire” with their pooping friends. However, take the time and effort to clean them up, put them in a decent barn or field setting, and snap a few clear photos from every angle. It shows you care and it will pay dividends in the long run.

Are your cattle friendly? Using the UCDS chart provided here – (link) – you can paint an accurate picture of their personality. Taking photos as they are interacting with humans is another fantastic way to show how friendly they are. This all points back to building that customer confidence.

It’s hard to have too much information. UC Davis is a great place to have DNA tests done.

  • Selling a Dexter or Highland cross? Get a Chondroplaysia test done.
  • Selling a Jersey? Find out if its A2/A2.

This information and more will help you find the right buyer for your animal. An informed buyer is a confident buyer. Confident buyers will always spend more money.

Be available. This we cannot stress enough. Please don’t wait 4 days to answer customer questions. If it feels like the calls and emails are overwhelming, take it as a compliment to the quality of your cattle and your good work in following these posting tips. Push through, answer all the questions, be friendly and pleasant. Basically … be the seller you want to work with when you buy cows. The best customers are those who walk away from a buying experience and tell others how great it was. Long after they forget the price, they’ll remember how they felt. If you gave them a warm and fuzzy, they’ll give you a hunk of money (I just made that up, but it works).

We are always here for you as well. Please ask questions. Let us know how we can help you be successful.

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