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As with any asset, information translates to value when exchanging ownership. IMCBR is the oldest and largest miniature cattle breeds registry in the world. Integrity and transparency in a transaction are becoming more and more critical in our digital age. Scammers have wrecked the sense of security we used to enjoy in the agricultural world.

IMCBR is a reputable third-party provider that will track and document the generational growth of cattle herds, following the animal as it changes ownership. When buying a used car, the vehicle history report provides valuable information to the potential buyer. Similarly, the cattle report you’ll soon find on the IMCBR database will also give a valuable history report. Producers will be able to input the cattle information at birth, or any age, and potential buyers will be able to see genealogy, ownership history, and photos of the animal. Owners who wish to go the extra step will also be able to attach a PDF copy of the DNA or other reports pertaining to the animal.

IMCBR is committed to serving the patrons of our market. We are not only farmers ourselves, we are passionate about building integrity in the miniature cattle industry. The integrity of any registry is only as strong as the users. It is obvious that we are unable to personally verify the information provided about each animal. However, we are able to give you a chance to leave an honest review about your experience when you purchase an animal. These reviews will help future buyers decide where they want to invest for the future of their herd. This feature will be available in the coming months as the website is being developed.

In short, for a small investment you can track the cattle you produce through their entire life. You’ll be able to see the offspring they produce for other breeders. Most importantly, you’ll add value and transparency to your livestock transactions and your breeding program.

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