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Professor Emeritus Richard Gradwohl

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There are currently 26 breed categories of miniature cattle recognized by the
International Miniature Cattle Breeders Society and Registry.

Please note our new street address: 16000 SE 252nd PL, Covington, WA 98042. Same place with a new address!

MINIATURE CATTLE are the perfect animal for the small acreage farms of the world. They require one-third the feed of standard size animals. Because of their small size, miniature cattle can be handled easily and efficiently without the need for special equipment or special fencing. They are efficient feed converters and easy on the land and pasture. Just great for the small acreage farmer.

    Miniature Cattle are:
  • Ideal for small acreage
  • Efficient feed converters
  • Docile and easy to handle
  • Kept on as little as an acre
  • Can be as small as 36" at maturity
  • Easy on facilities and equipment
  • Easy on the land and pasture

"Hi Little Cousin!"

These unique cattle breeds are all 42" or less at maturity to be classified as full miniature, over 42" up to 48" are classified as midsize miniature. THE MINIATURE CATTLE BREEDERS SOCIETY invites your inquires into these unique and wonderful animals.

The Panda® Miniature Cattle Breeding Program

The Panda® Miniature Cattle breeding program is a closed breeding program. It is a linebreeding program starting with one very special approved bull. No other animals are allowed without genetics from this approved foundation bull. In addition, all females must also be approved and all breedings must be approved by the registry. The name Panda® cattle has been trademarked in the US, Canada, Mexico and most developed countries. Because of these special breeding requirements and trademarking, Panda® Miniature Cattle will remain a very sought after popular unique pet bovine highly prized by their owners. The International Miniature Cattle Breeders Society and Registry issues certificates of registration pedigrees on all approved Panda® Cattle. Registry control over breeding, female approval, and linebreeding requirements is unique in the cattle industry and insures purity of these adorable animals.

The First Miniature Belted Panda® calf from the first Miniature Belted Panda®

Precious (mom) was the first Miniature Belted Panda® cattle born in the world. This is her first calf, DOB:10-09-02. It is a little heifer that we have named Princess Marie. She has the same markings as her mother which establishes that the breed can breed true.


Registered Panda® Miniature Cattle were developed at Happy Mountain® Miniature Cattle Farm and are the original and only recognized trademarked Panda® Cattle. Any other cattle being marketed under the same or similar names are nothing more than illegal fakes. Do not be misled by unscrupulous dishonest breeders selling unregistered questionable animals attempting to take advantage of the popularity of our Panda® Miniature Cattle product name. Authentic Panda® Cattle are trademarked and registered with the International Miniature Cattle Breeds Registry. These are the only Panda® Miniature Cattle. Any other cattle claiming to be Panda® or similar to Panda® Cattle or stating "Otherwise known as Panda® Miniature Cattle" are not registered or recognized by the International Miniature Cattle Breeds Registry. Use of the name Panda® in reference to cattle in any way is a product trademark infringement and will be dealt with accordingly. The name Panda® as it relates to cattle together with logos and related marks are product trademarks of Professor Richard H. Gradwohl ®2003.

Professor Gradwohl with Paula Sue a Miniature Holstein Heifer

Professor Gradwohl exhibits the size relationship between himself (5' 9") and Precious (only 14" at birth).

Geneme Keyser of Washington State has three mini cattle all of which are pets.

Cosmo, a very small Panda bull with his new miniature horse friend.

Carole Rodgers feeds one of her favorite pet mini cattle at her farm in Virginia.

Do miniature cattle make great pets? Kathy Fontenot of Texas would say yes.

Karen Ondera on her farm in Washington State says hello to her little Jersey Heifer "Taffy".

The Miniature "Barbee" breed. A little heifer named Katie.

Mini Kentshire® Calf

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